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Working closely with InnMind startup community and watching startup performance we have enough data to identify early stage prospective startups and powerful dream-teams, able to build the next unicorns.
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Set up your custom startup pipeline and follow startups’ traction even on an idea stage to determine the most prospective оnes asap
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Follow the signals on startup performance based on startup due diligence, team review, market and technology research, economic forecast
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Manage investment metrics, portfolio revenue and your assets in our smart SaaS for VCs
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Set up your interests on InnMind Dashboard and follow the signals of our analytical platform to choose startup gems for your next investments.

Get thoroughly tuned startup performance metrics based on multi-factor analysis including market trends and proven ability of startup teams to reach their goals.

Follow the scores of your custom startup pipeline
Watch the signals about new prospects
Manage your investment performance
Ongoing Funding Rounds
IONOTERRA is a Scientifically & Realistically proven system based in Israel, enabling mankind for the first time to Predict & Warn population of an upcoming Earthquake, at least 8 Hours before the Catastrophic Event, with over 90% precision. (for magnitude exceeding 4.5 Richter scale).
Rapidly developing US startup in a growth/expansion stage, with the bright founding team (former Yandex & Berkley SkyDeck). It solves the main problem of global corporate clients, dealing with AI integrations: procuring and deploying the best-fit AI based on Cognitive intelligence. During the last months, Intento signed contracts with top industrial clients: Google, Ikea, VMware, etc. In simple words, it is “Mulesoft for AI”.
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Consolidated Investments Programs
When a startup has a proven traction, matches our focus and investment criterias we can organize for a startup a syndicate round and invite the pool of investors.
We select the best startups, perform due diligence and present standardize investment deck for you
You decide if you want to participate and for which amount, starting from as low as 10 000 EUR
We process all paperwork, legal formalities, and consolidate investment round via our European legal entities
We help startups scale faster with our accelerating programs and drive towards subsequent investment rounds and exits via our extensive VC partnership
Help Startups to Grow
Join our Startup Bootcamps, conferences, webinars, workshops to get in touch with the InnMind startup community and find your next prospects.
Get to know the most promising founders and teams
Share your market understanding and experience
Tune up startups with the best models and practiсe
Keep startups business growing and benefit together