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How does fundraising program work?
Almost every company starts from scratch, on a bootstrap, so we know how challenging it is to find resources that are vital to grow. At InnMind, we take care of the whole fundraising process, letting you concentrate on your core business processes: product, bizdev and sales.
  1. Full project due-diligence
    We value our network of professional investors and they trust us in terms of quality of projects that we present to them. Therefore, the first step is to prepare a due-diligence report, where our analytical team will analyse the core project’s team, business model, market potential, competition, financials, company’s valuation, risks and other important details.
  2. Analysis of investment offerings
    To increase your valuation and chances of success, we will analyse your pitch deck and investment offering, helping to identify current weak points and finding ways of how to turn them into your strengths.
  3. Preparation of investment documentation
    At the end of the preparation stage you will receive legal term sheets, full due-diligence report and 2-pager for investors to be used during fundraising stage.
  4. Shortlisting of investors
    The main goal here is to find a perfect fit between your project’s and investor’s profiles. We will identify the right investors’ segments and evaluate the match with your project’s offering and expectations.
  5. Pitching & Warm Introductions with investors
    We send preliminary information about your project and the pitch deck project to investors with matching criteria, collect feedback and make warm introductions to the interested investors. When applicable, we will also initiate online pitching sessions.
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We’re also investing ourselves via syndicate funding round. When we see a startup that matches our investment criteria and focus, we can make an offer to organize a syndicate round with our pool of investors.

In this case, InnMind will take care of all the steps, including investment relationship, pitching, termsheets, legal and other processes, and organize the round via SPV with participating co-investors.

How to raise investments on InnMind?
Here is what VC and angel investors look at:
Compelling Idea
Strong Team
Market Opportunity
Financial Projections
Competitive Advantage
Traction (Validation)
Unit Economics
Startup Pipeline
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Frequently Asked Questions
We primarily work with technology-oriented startups that are developing innovative solutions in a wide range of sectors, such as medtech, fintech, blockchain, AI, robotics, smart city solutions, insurtech and others.
Besides a deep due-diligence process and a preparation for fundraising, within the scope of the standard fundraising program we focus on connecting you and facilitating deals with relevant VC investors and funds, who express their interest to invest in your startups. As for the syndicated round, InnMind acts as a lead investor into your startup and accumulates additional investments from a pool of other investors from our network. The decision regarding the possibility of proceeding with the syndicated round can only be made after the initial step of a deep due-diligence process.
If you want to apply for a fundraising program, please get in touch with the Head of Investment & Business Development department via the following email address: Make sure to send your InnMind startup profile link and current objectives as within the scope of a fundraising program. Our team will then contact you to schedule an introductory e-meeting to outline the scope of mutual work and understand the specifics of your case.
There is no precise limit in our case, however the majority of startups that we work with aim at raising around €1,500,000 - €3,000,000. Although this does not mean that there are any obstacles in establishing other targets.
We work with a wide diversity of financial institutions that form a part of InnMind Network: Venture Capitalists, Funds, Business Angels, Family Offices, Large Corporations and others. For more precise knowledge in regard to this question, please refer to InnMind YouTube channel to find out more.
As InnMind operates on a global scale, we do not have any geographical limitations while executing the fundraising program for any startup outside of Europe.
The majority of investors from InnMind network focus on startups who have already passed the Seed stage and are currently in the Late Seed, Series A or Series B stage. However, due to a diversified investment portfolio, we do not limit ourselves and can always consider other development stages.
We do not provide fundraising services for free. Throughout our many years of working with startups, we have experienced countless amounts of legal and other procedure incidences when finalizing the fundraising cycle. As a result, we have agreed to establish rates by which we will be able to execute our work responsibly and have a guarantee of compliance from the side of a startup.
Depending on the set of goals indicated by the startup’s team, the average duration of a standard fundraising cycle is 3 to 4 months.
Once a startup gets onboarded to a program, InnMind analytical team starts working on a detailed due-diligence analysis, which will be then used to present your project to investors. Throughout the process, the team will outline your strong & weak points, which will be recommended to work on together with the rest of the InnMind team before we start the actual communication process. Fulfilling the gaps discovered during the due-diligence process will make you ready to answer any investor questions and present your project in the most favourable way. After the creation of a final report and special documentation, the communication process with relevant financial institutions will start and continue until the target amount is reached.