What is your goal?
Meet investors
Join Startup Bootcamp and investors’ workshops to get in touch and pitch the leading VC funds and angel investors, get to know their investing focus and chriteries
Build business
Choose accelerators to develop your business, get to know the best practises, business models and the latest market trends
Find clients
Present your innovations to InnMind Network and B2B audience on professional events, webinars, workshops
Startup Bootcamp
A 5-day intensive acceleration and crash course in entrepreneurship and startup development designed to bring a combination of knowledge & practice to startup founders and widen professional and investors’ network.
  • European Entrepreneurial Expertise
  • Silicon Valley VC Resources
  • Intensive Business Trainings
  • Access to Investors, Mentors, Corporations
Acceleration webinars
Join InnMind acceleration webinars and workshops with the leading VC investors and Market Experts to get to know business and market latest trends
Professional meetups
Take part in professional meetups to stay informed about tech innovations, test your ideas and find early adopters, clients, partners
Hackathons, Startup Battles and Challenges
Develop and present innovative solutions for corporations which are interested in implementing new technologies to improve business efficiency
Contact us to arrange any event for your startup or a company
Upcoming events
Startup Bootcamp 2020
We invite you to join us at Startup Bootcamp 2020, a 3-day intensive acceleration from Silicon Valley in Catalonia and crash course in business and entrepreneurship for the local and international startup community organized by Draper University & InnMind.
Shark-Tank Pitching Session
Shark-Tank Pitching Session is a virtual event, whereby startup founders from all over the world e-meet invited investors, business angels and VC firms and pitch their solutions live to get immediate feedback! The main goal is quite simple: be creative and innovative enough to catch the attention of an investor and continue the communication!